Adding process monitor

This section describes how to add Servwatch process monitoring.

Edit configuration file

To add a process monitor, add the monitored process name to the agent settings file on the monitored server and restart the agent.

Navigate to the location of the configuration file.

cd /opt/servwatch-agent/config

Edit the configuration file.

vim default.json

Add the service name (example: httpd) you want to monitor in the following places.

{ "device_id":"hostname", "user_id":"U000***", "device_token":"************************", "watch_service": "httpd" // List the services you want to monitor, separated by commas. }

Restart agent

Restarting agent to enable process monitor.

The metric "service: <service name>" is now available in the condition settings when creating the event.

The event threshold can be set as "OK" for operating normal and "NG" for operating abnormal.


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