Problem on connecting the agent

Data can not be uploaded

  • Username / password authentication is incorrect when connecting MQTT device connector.
    Please check that username is the Servwatch account (U ******) and password is set correctly for the device token.
  • MQTT topic is wrong.
    Make sure that <DEVICE_TOKEN>/json/<DEVICE_ID> is specified as the topic format for MQTT Publish.
    Even if authentication with MQTT connection succeeds, if the device token included in the topic is invalid, the device connector refuses to accept the data.
  • Device is not activated
    Make sure that the status of the device is set to Enabled ("enabled" = true).
    If the status is invalid ("enabled" =  false), the device connector ignores the connection.
  • Channel is not set
    Since there is no valid channel set for the device, there is no way to write the stream.
    Please create a new channel and attach it to the device.

"429 Too many requests" error occurred when using HTTP device connector

  • When connecting to HTTP, it is limited to 1 upload per second. Please use MQTT connection.

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